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Official Statement - Kent Conservation District Behavior

The Mast Organization

Official Statement


Kent Conservation District :

The behavior and antics of the Kent Conservation District headed up by Jared Adkins (1679 S Dupont Hwy, Dover De) in regards to the unjust and unfair treatment of {Patriots Village Homes} development site located in the Patriots Village Development in Dover is completely unacceptable and discriminatory. Multiple accounts from seasoned site construction and developers had in the past told me of the poor behavior and antics used by Jared Adkins to “put the screws” to people he didn’t like or that he got upset with. I personally didn’t want to believe those reports and chose to keep an open mind and pleasant demeanor if I ever crossed paths with him. Now I know that those reports are undoubtedly true and there is indeed pathetic, childish behavior coming out of that office. Kent Conservation District wrongly issued a “Notice of Violation” on the Patriots Village Site on March 29 2022. Now despite extreme and very expensive efforts put forth by {Patriots Village Homes} over the past month KCD has still failed to lift such Notice of Violation even after All requested items having been successfully completed, most of which took place eithers before or within 48hrs of said Notice of Violation. Since that time both Jared Adkins and the field inspector Gary Gerardi (who I might add is new on the job) have refused to answer emails, phone calls and personal visits to their offices made (dating back to March 29 2022) in an attempt to confirm that their desires/requirements be met. Not only that but the behavior of the field inspector is equally despicable and condescending. Telling us to do one thing, only to show up the next day and tell us to do the opposite after we had completed his previous request. It was also reported by other staff at KCD that the inspector has been coming back to the office and stating that requested items have not been done or completed even though those items have in fact been completed for quite some time. This is completely unprofessional and unacceptable behavior of anyone holding a public service office or title. That is why our offices have compiled the attached photo report with dates of completion as well as supporting documentation, email chains and files below for public viewing. These are undeniable proof that not only was the Notice of Violation wrongly put into place but that every possible effort was made to appease and address any legitimate (and illegitimate) concerns by the Kent Conservation District office or personnel. I personally have no “beef” or concerns with “tough inspectors” or other power hungry individuals so long as I am the only one they are attempting to abuse or hold down. I do however take Great Offense when their antics start to affect and damage or disrupt the lives of innocent citizens and clients. For example this charade should have never made it past the its infancy. But now it threatens the well being and lives of home owners who are at risk of being displaced and or loosing their mortgage financing and interest rate locks. One of which is a 78 year old woman who to our understanding has no other place to go if they cannot move in on the scheduled date. It is at this point that I cannot nor will I stand by and do nothing. I have been treated extremely unfairly and unprofessionally by KCD at this development site, quite possibly worse than anyone else in recent history.

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